Art Gallery of Regina

Edie Marshall: Terrain

December 16, 2015 - February 28, 2016


This exhibition features 1,000 small landscape paintings based on iPhone pictures taken by the artist during a road trip throughout the plains and desert areas of the United States. The work refers to instant messaging on social media where people document and post images of their immediate environment, at home or while traveling. These fleeting images become a referential point of personal histories - a way of marking one’s place in time and space. By transcribing the fleeting digital images into oil paintings, the artist draws attention to the difference between direct, tactile, experience and virtual reality.




Godfrey Dean Art Gallery

Jennifer Crane: Dear Edward

January 18 to February 26, 2016


Dear Edward is Jennifer Crane's reverie and whimsical response to the photographs and writings of Edward Weston, an iconic figure of 20th century photography. A series of large prints derived from medium format images taken with a pinhole camera are complemented by text panels of letters Crane writes to Weston. Responding to journal entries published in "The Daybooks of Edward Weston" she creates a personal voice for the viewer in a space that resonates both simplicity and substance.


Jennifer Crane is a lens-based artist, currently Associate Professor and Chair of the Photography Area at the University of Saskatchewan. Professor Crane teaches classes in photography covering a range of processes in both chemical and digital methods small and large format cameras. She specializes in large-scale digital printing, historical processes, pinhole imagery and stereo photography.


The overall research vision of her work is to investigate the relationship between the body and the lens in both historical and contemporary images and old and new technologies. Through the creation of still photography, video installations, performance and fictional photographic archives her work engages the themes of memory, narrative, authenticity and archival practice. Her practice employs historical, analogue and digital processes in photography.

Jennifer Crane

Todd Schick: Auto Select

January 25 to March 26, 2016


Yorkton area photographer Todd Schick brought a series of images to the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery in November 2015 and asked for our impressions of his work. The photos were very good, a diverse selection but with clear areas of interest. An exhibition in our Atrium community gallery was the obvious next step.


Todd Schick is an emerging photographer with a great eye for detail, shape, colour and geometry. Todd shoots landscape, nature, the built environment and people, but very often photographs places empty of people and objects no longer used by people. Todd is an active member of the Yorkton Photography Guild.


Image Gallery

Instagram Todd Schick on Instagram


Dunlop Art Gallery



On The Table

January 22-March 23, 2016

Central and Sherwood Galleries 


Basil AlZeri, Dean Baldwin, Emilie Baltz, and Philip Sierzega, Victor Cicansky, Song Dong, Keesic Douglas, Sandee Moore, Peter Morin, James Ostrer, Amber Phelps Bondaroff, Tattfoo Tan, Thu Tran, Kim Waldron, and Jason Wright

Curated by Blair Fornwald, Jennifer Matotek, and Wendy Peart

Using the subject of food to create a welcoming environment, On the Table turns the gallery into a space to host difficult conversations, including those generally forbidden at the dinner table. The exhibited art works by 15 Canadian and international artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds consider particular dichotomies around food: the dualistic experience of taste, the desire and disgust inherent to consumption, the performance of hospitality, and the ethics that inform decisions about what we eat and who we invite to our table.

MacKenzie Art Gallery



Françoise Sullivan: Les Saisons Sullivan

January 28-April 10, 2016

Kenderdine and Hill Galleries


At the heart of the exhibition is the portfolio Les Saisons Sullivan (2007). The portfolio of dance photographs, drawings and text grew out of a desire to complete Françoise Sullivan’s idea to dance out-of-doors in each of the four seasons and create movement in immediate response to the environment—a flow of free invention that would be captured on film.


Françoise Sullivan’s evocative description of Danse dans la neige (1948), a revolutionary outdoor dance performance, crystallizes the vision of an artist who was to profoundly influence the future of contemporary dance, art and film in Québec and Canada. Françoise Sullivan: Les Saisons Sullivan pays homage to her pioneering contributions through an exhibition that traces the artist’s vision that traverses traditionally defined boundaries of media in dance, photography, film, painting and sculpture. Presented alongside, and as part of, the MacKenzie’s inter-disciplinary and collaborative residency project MAGDANCE 3: art + dance, this exhibition offers compelling insights into an artist who opened wide the doors between art disciplines in a passionate embrace of new forms of personal expression.

Affinity Gallery / Saskatchewan Craft Council

Photographic Phantasmagoria

January 29 to March 5, 2016


The Saskatchewan Craft Council presents Photographic Phantasmagoria, a collection of photographic techniques and equipment, on display from January 29 to March 5, 2016 at Affinity Gallery (813 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, SK) in Saskatoon. The exhibition — presented in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Prairie Light Photography Festival — celebrates, questions, and explores the ever-changing field of photography.  Affinity Gallery

community pARTners gallery 


It's All Birds

February 17-March 30, 2016

Artists Reception: Saturday, February 27, 2016, 2 p.m.

Martin Phillips and Morley Maier are avid bird watchers, photographers and artists. This exhibition features photographs in handcrafted frames and birdhouses made with re-purposed domestic material.  pARTners gallery

Lyric Theatre

Swift Current


Living Sky

February 25-March 24, 2016

The living sky of Saskatchewan is a remarkable and sentimental subject for photographers. This exhibition explores a variety of sky compositions  and phenomena.


Presented are a selection of eleven large scale photographs by six artist members of Image West Photography Association of Southwest Saskatchewan.


Saskatchewan NAC (Network for Art Collecting)


HUGE Photo Book Sale 

Two days only!

Friday, February 26, 2016 from 12 noon to 5pm

Saturday, February 27 from 1 to 5pm


The Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting presents a massive sale of photography books. Over 1,000 new and used photography books will be on offer. From how-to guides, to Saskatchewan publications, to signed monographs from international masters, NAC's Photo Book Sale has something for every lover of photography.

The sale is being held at the Art Gallery of Regina during the final days of the exhibition Edie Marshall: Terrain, featuring 1,000 paintings based on iPhone photos.

Art Gallery of Swift Current


SEEKING Tranquility

March 5-April 24, 2016

Photographer Al Hartley of Maple Creek pursues authenticity, beauty, and tranquility in his artwork. Working with a film camera, Hartley develops his film and prints his photographs personally by hand.


Slate Fine Art Gallery

Vera Saltzman: Cry of the Lake Dwellers

March 10 to April 9, 2016

Born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, photography has long been a “back burner” interest for Vera Saltzman, but she didn’t become serious about her work until she moved north to Nunavut. Struggling to fit in, she turned to her photography to build a bridge between herself and the Inuit, a friendship of sorts – a visual record of an intangible exchange.


After living in Nunavut for 5 years, Vera returned south to work in Ottawa where she sought opportunities to develop her photographic skills. This led her to study at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO) where she completed a two year portfolio development program.


Saltzman has won an Applied Arts Award recognizing creative excellence, been featured on a number of online sites including the highly regarded Lenscratch and been published in both the Applied Arts and SHOTS magazines.


Through her work, Saltzman focuses her attention on issues of identity, the fragility of life and the passage of time. Most recently she moved to Fort Qu’Appelle, SK where she continues her photographic exploration of the relation between identity and the development of a sense of place.





March 11-April 16, 2016
Karla Griffin, Stephanie Norris and Barbara Reimer.

Karla Griffin, Stephanie Norris and Barbara Reimer are three Saskatoon-based artists who have individually developed very involved photographic-based practices. The three artists had an opportunity to work with each other during a July, 2013 PAVED Arts workshop series presented by Winnipeg-based artist Andrew Milne. This exhibition showcases contemporary photography from Saskatoon within the province-wide context of the 2nd bi-annual Prairie Light Photography Festival. For the exhibition Karla, Stephanie and Barbara will present work representative of their individual projects alongside of a large scale collaborative piece, supported by the PAVED Arts production centre.

Signal Hill Arts Centre Gallery

Creation With Lights

January-February, 2016
Kim Schneider, Art Wallace and Art Beck

Yorkton Regional
High School
Curating Project

Curating the exhibition Todd Schick: Auto Select

January 25 to March 26, 2016
Godfrey Dean Art Gallery

Donald Stein, director of Godfrey Dean Art Gallery, describes the project:


“Yorkton area photographer Todd Schick brought a series of images to the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery in November 2015 and asked for my impressions of his work. The photos were very good, a diverse selection but with clear areas of interest. An exhibition in our Atrium community gallery was the obvious next step.


By coincidence, the following month Chad MacDowell brought his Yorkton Regional High School Photo 30 class to the gallery to view and evaluate Haley Polinsky’s food photography exhibition. Chad teaches a very strong photography program at the high school that goes from traditional darkroom to digital and drone photography.


While polite and very respectful in person, in their written assignments to assess the images and the presentation, the students were harshly critical of the work done by the curator! And since I had curated that show, I was delighted to receive honest and unedited criticism of my work.


The group impressed me with their skills observing and articulating ideas regarding context and aesthetic choices. I invited them to re-arrange the photographs in that exhibition to correct the deficiencies they identified, and it was a stronger show after their changes. In one or two cases, their collective solutions to sequencing the images on the walls were stronger choices than the decisions Haley and I made together.


So I asked them to curate Todd Schick’s exhibition and select the images for his show Auto Select. All the images in the main floor lobby and in the 2nd floor Atrium gallery of the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery were chosen by the class.


Todd Schick is an emerging photographer with a great eye for detail, shape, colour and geometry. Todd shoots landscape, nature, the built environment and people, but very often photographs places empty of people and objects no longer used by people. Todd is an active member of the Yorkton Photography Guild.”


Image Gallery


The Eye Gallery

Night Skies

March 3 - April 30th, 2016

Ian Preston

Opening Reception March 5, 2-4pm

Night Skies explores light, texture and motion to unveil the colour and vibrancy of the aurora borealis as seen through the camera’s lens. Ian is from Saskatoon with over 40 years experience in photography, cinematography and fine arts. He is a founding member of the Saskatchewan Film Pool and the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA), and is a member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.

Saskatoon Camera Club

Void Gallery

Nidificate: To build a nest

March 2 - March 31st, 2016

Monique Martin & Trint Thomas


Nidification is a word that can be interpreted in many ways. Ultimately humans are animals with  basic primal needs, hard wired into us, that we can not change. The act of “building a nest” is nothing but a normal human response to being alive. We want to feel safe and sheltered but also have the freedom to spread our wings and fly.


We all build nests in different ways in our lives. No two nests are alike. Each is built from unique and individual parts. We use the resources available to build our nest and our shelter. The nest changes as we change and grow.


Ttrint Thomas Fine Art Photography