KRISTOPHER GRUNERT - Architectural / Industrial + Landscape Photographer

Cityscape Panorama
Bank of China
De Koonig

Kristopher Grunert






My photographs are provoked by a curiosity and appreciation for architectural structures and industrial processes. When taking photographs time seems to dissolve. I become aware of absolutely everything around me and position myself at a particular point in space and time to best harness the energy within the scene; often on the ground but I’m fond of the air.


Once the composition is fine tuned I take a breath and open the shutter. Consciously visualize the light entering the lens, travelling through the aperture into the camera, onto the ccd sensor and recording on its circuits. By connecting to the scene on this atomic level I feel as though I am nurturing a relationship with the light. By acknowledging the beauty in front of me I become one with the scene and enter into something infinitely larger than myself.


When taking a picture I not only think about the design of the structure or site in front of me but the intention to uplift those who experience it or benefit from its outcome, I focus on the materials and the energy it took to produce and construct the structure. I strive to capture the energy expended by all the hard work of men and women throughout this monumental task. These great feats provide a source of inspiration that opens me up to creativity and multiplies. I want to share my appreciation with the viewer, inspire them. I want you to imagine yourself there, feeling as I did when making the photograph, that sense of connection to a vast source of unlimited energy.

HALEY POLINSKY - Foreign Food Correspondent & Stylist

smash cherries
beet risotto
cinnamon cap
millionaire eggplant
mushroom unknown
mint tea
radish pods
vermouth shoot
stuffed zucchini
chocolate mousse
chive vinegar
pom pom
cabbage gazpacho

Our first featured photographer is Haley Polinsky, a food stylist, photographer and chef. Based in Toronto, Haley is the pride of Theodore, SK and she’s traveling and working in Europe and North Africa. She is currently photographing a chef residency program in Sicily before moving on to Rome for a month in a food photography studio. Her blogs are delicious with images.


Haley spent three months from November 2015 to January 2016 living in the ancient medina of Fez, Morocco participating in the chef residency program at Restaurant Numero 7. The residency consisted of running a restaurant from front of house to the kitchen, creating and executing menus while incorporating the ingredients of Morocco into the chef's own cuisine. So of course all of the prepared dishes in these photographs were cooked, styled and photographed by chef Haley.


Haley works in a variety of mediums such as photography, printmaking, illustration and design always surrounding the subject of food. She combines all her mediums into an online food magazine called Food Union. You are most likely to find her in the studio or kitchen with a spoon or camera in hand.


Visit her website HaleyTheMaker.com     Go directly to her blog     Go directly to her Food Union magazine